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  • What size cupcakes do you offer?

    Yes, we offer large, medium and mini sizes. We sell the large every day in the Smallcakes store. Mediums are the size most bakers make a home and are only sold by special order. We bake a limited number of minis each day for sale in the bakery, available by the pre-boxed assorted dozen.

  • Do you make gluten free cupcakes and cakes?

    Every Friday we have what we call “Almost” Gluten Free cupcakes available in vanilla and chocolate that can be topped with an icing of your choice. These are also available by special order any day of the week. We require a dozen minimum for the large, 2 dozen for the medium. We do not offer mini’s in gluten free. We also offer gluten free cakes by special order.

  • Why do you call them “Almost” Gluten Free?

    The batter is gluten free however we are not a certified gluten free bakery and do make baked goods with wheat so there is the possibility of cross contamination.

  • Can I place an order for a cupcake flavor not on your regular everyday menu?

    Yes, if you want a flavor not on our everyday menu just call us and we can make up an order of any of our 200+ custom flavors at no extra charge. Minimum order is 1 dozen large, or 2 dozen medium. Some minis are not available in special flavors. If you wish to order special flavor minis please ask which ones we can make for you.

  • If I want to place an order for cupcakes on your regular every day menu is there a minimum order?

    No, there is no minimum requirement to order.

  • Do you have a cupcake stand available for rent?

    Yes, we have both a round and square cupcake stand available. We charge a rental fee of $80.00 plus a $100 damage deposit which we will refund if the stand and the accessories that go with it are returned in good condition within 3 days of taking out.

  • How do I get a quote and place an order for made to order custom designed cupcakes or cakes?

    If you have a design in mind it is best to send a few pictures of what you want us to create. Also, let us know how many people it needs to serve and when you need your special order ready. Keep in mind the more intricate the design, or the larger the quantity for cupcakes, the further in advance you should order. To make an inquiry email us at info@smallcakesnm.com or click here to fill out a form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate and will call you if we have questions so we can give you an accurate quote.

  • How far in advance must I place a special order?

    We are a small gourmet bakery so have limited capacity for special orders and from time to time hit our capacity. Please order as far in advance as possible especially for custom designs.

  • When must I pay for my order?

    All special orders must be paid at time of order. If this is a very large order or a wedding order for months out payment installment arrangements can be made by special arrangements only. However, all payment must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.

  • Can I order on line or via email?

    No, we do not offer on line ordering nor will we take orders by email.

  • What is considered a standard design on cakes or cupcakes where I won’t pay an extra upcharge?

    For cupcakes if you want to substitute a different color icing or add sprinkles there is no charge. There is a charge for more intricate designs, use of fondant or of dragee pearls.
    Standard decoration cakes include sprinkles, basic border and flower designs, inscriptions, balloons and 2-3 colors.
    For cakes or cupcakes that require fondant, more than 2 colors, art work, creation of patterns/templates, 3D figurines, special support structures (some tiered cakes) shaped cakes there will be an upcharge.

  • Can you deliver and if so is there a charge to do so?

    We can deliver within the Albuquerque metro area. We charge $30 for delivery. We also have a relationship with Grubhub and our standard everyday cupcakes can be delivered by ordering from their website.

  • What is your cancellation refund and exchange policy?

    If there is an issue with design, coloring or quality it must be addressed at pick up. We want happy customers and will do everything we can to address your issue. However, we do not issue refunds on custom orders nor will we make exchanges once items have left our store. All cancellations must be received at minimum 1 week in advance for all custom orders except for items ordered from our everyday menu where only 24 hours’ notice is required. You must speak with Smallcakes on the phone for any cancellations.